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Compassionate Member Service

Customer service is the fabric our organization. Our internal infrastructure is designed to provide your patients with speedy access to customer service representatives.

Quality Provider Service

To provide our valued physicians with the same quality service we provide our members, our Network Services team streamlines internal processes and encourages high service standards to ensure you receive regular, dedicated visits that are focused on how we can better serve you and your patients. Our Delivery System Management Team (DSM Team) model provides you with a dedicated team of professionals to assist you with issues, quality measures, member reports, contracting or any other needs. DSM Teams are empowered to pursue opportunities for education and training, and provide assistance as appropriate on behalf of providers.

Additionally, we assign a dedicated Care Navigator to each large practice and to providers participating in the Health Choice Medical Health Home program. Care Navigators share data, coordinate follow-up appointments with members and streamline internal processes to facilitate services for members, such as home health or durable medical equipment.

Continuous Quality Improvement

By implementing quality standards, educating staff members on quality processes and utilizing industry best practices, Health Choice will continually improve the quality of service offered to its providers and the quality of health care offered to members.

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